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Australian obsessed with Supernatural . A Sam girl and a Dean lover. I love all the SPN cast. I adore Jared & Jensen & Jesus. Optimist. ENFP. I don't judge. Come chat anytime. xx kaz

spnjensenlove02 replied to your photo “Red Bull edit spam 9/10”

Just wanted to say thank you! You are constantly feeding my obsession with this event with such beautiful edits. They are all always so wonderful! All your edits are :)

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You can not love one brother and not the other. You can’t. If you do, stop watching the show or start over, because you missed a thing or two. It’s not about shipping, about romance or anything else, it’s about two guys who mean the world to each other. And you can not claim to love one if you don’t love the other as well. Because then it means you don’t understand 50% of your character’s personality.

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From People Magazine - June 2012
Jared andThomas

For lipglosskaz

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@ arthurcanada jared at Vancouver airport.

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@ arthurcanada. Jensen arriving at Vancouver airport

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S10 Countdown: 37 days - or
N°139 in the series “wild spam of random caps” - SN 07x04

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Am I the only one who wakes up then stays in bed for like another hour 

Am I the only one who wakes up then stays in bed for like another day

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