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Australian obsessed with Supernatural . A Sam girl and a Dean lover. I love all the SPN cast. I adore Jared & Jensen & Jesus. Optimist. ENFP. I don't judge. Come chat anytime. xx kaz

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I was tagged by whereifellfromgrace. ..i love you bb *smish*

1.Bogan kaz         2. Superhero kaz (super glossy of course)

3.Princess kaz      4. Horror kaz (sookie stackhouse)

5. Actual bridesmaid kaz      5. Boring kaz (with her car)

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GO DO IT GUYS!!!! Anyone else who follows me and wants to do it PLEASE TAG ME!!!!

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I got that comic con, comic con sadness

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Sticky fingers - SN: 7x09 How to win friends and influence monsters

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sharing an umbrella with someone seems cute but in practice it is 100% horrible and you both end up getting angry and wet

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So I’ve read Jensen is selling his house in Malibu and now there is that.



J2 possibly as neighbors in Austin!!

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